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Learn more about our program by watching the video. It will answer a lot of questions you would have on how the program works.


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Who We Are

Who We Are

Kerry Riley

Kerry Riley

5 Star Prime Investment and Marketing LLC

Established by Kerry Riley, 5 Star Prime Investment and Marketing LLC serves as a hub for independent remote customer service partnerships. Kerry envisions creating accessible work opportunities, leading to the establishment of this Arise IBO Virtual Call Center.


Partnering With a CSR Agency

We are an Investment and Marketing company, working in partnership with Arise, a remote customer service agency.


Independent Contractors

We guide individuals in becoming Independent Contractor Agents/Service Partners under Arise, equipping them to work with the clients of their choice.


Full Support From Service Partners

Benefit from the expertise of experienced Service Partners and receive support and guidance throughout the on boarding process.


We Are Your Point of Contact

We assist with registration, servicing clients, and provide administrative services, such as HR, payroll, and day-to-day assistance.

What We Offer

Our Mission

Redefining Work Dynamics


At 5 Star Prime, our mission is to reshape the landscape of traditional work structures, championing a healthier work-life balance through independent remote customer service contracts. We aim to provide individuals the freedom to tailor their work schedules according to their personal needs.


Who We Serve

Empowering Independence


We're committed to supporting individuals seeking to engage in remote customer service as independent contractors. Our platform caters to those motivated to provide excellent inbound call support while operating from the comfort of their home-based workspace. Whether you're looking for a competitive hourly rate or aiming for a more balanced work-life scenario, we offer an opportunity to merge professional excellence with personal autonomy.

Ready to embark on a fulfilling journey as an

independent remote customer service contractor?

What We Offer



Kerry and the entire 5 Star Prime team are dedicated to guiding your path into the dynamic world of independent remote customer service contracts. 

5 Star Prime community

Explore a realm of opportunities, flexibility, and professional growth by joining the 

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Have questions about our customer service representative job opportunity? Reach out to us today. Please check out the video at the top of the page before contacting us, as it answers a lot of our frequently asked questions.

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